Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Magic of Halloween

For one night a year, on All Hallows' Eve,
You can be someone else if you choose.
It doesn't take much to transform yourself
And walk in another creature's shoes.

A few yards of cloth, a mask, and a hat
What more could could you possibly need?
To pretend for a night to be something you're not
Is a powerful feeling, indeed.

A hobo, a gypsy, a clown or a witch,
A ghost or a cowboy or bear
The options are many, the time is so short.
It's hard to decide what to wear.

You can be what you want.
You can be what you dream.
You can be what you fear.
You can be what you scheme.

So live out your dream on this Halloween night,
Whether monkey or Optimus Prime.
You're still you inside, whatever you wear.
Enjoy trick or treating, and have a great time!

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