Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gifts of 2013

Charlotte. Liam. Time. Love. That about sums up the wonderful gifts of 2013 for this GrandMary.

Charlotte was born May 21st, healthy, happy, bright-eyed, and chubby-cheeked. She delights us all and wins the prize for easiest baby in the world.

Liam has found his calling as a good big brother. He takes the role very seriously. He is healthy and funny and smart as a whip. And ever the charmer.

Time spent with Liam and Charlotte is so precious. Everything from just sitting and smiling into the baby's face to swimming, bouncing, coloring, and adventuring with her big brother. Every moment is a valuable gift.

Love for these two knows no bounds. Just when I think I can't love them any more than I already do - bam! - I love 'em even more.

May 2014 give us more time, more moments, more love. Happy New Year!

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